Look Up Fest: Mars

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Substation, 645 NW 45th St, Seattle, Washington 98107

🔴FEVENT WEBSITE: look-up-records.com/mars

Look Up Fest: Mars will showcase a curated selection of 12 psychedelic dream pop bands from the Pacific Northwest and beyond on Saturday 9/7 at Substation.

Look Up Fest, the lodge for high strangeness in the PNW, is a bi-annual mini music festival organized by paranormal label Look Up Records.

For our 3rd Look Up Fest, we’re channeling the red sky giant, featuring space-age music plus Martian experiences and a terraforming mission.

In addition to great live music, attendees can expect mind-bending visuals, immersive Martian environments, a photo booth, paranormal stories, and alien surprises only Look Up Fest would concoct.

"A brand-new confab of music, visual art, good beer and strange vibes..." — Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts

21+ | 9/7/19 | 5PM-1AM

LINEUP (performance order not finalized) Scott Yoder Baja boy Medejin SWYM Darksoft Sealife La Fonda Music Graduation - band Sea Salt Bird & Shooter Smooth Kiwi YOUTH (LA)

SUPPORT MUSIC ON MARS There is currently no music on Mars. There are no Martian artist grants. There are no venues, no recording studios, not even a CD player. It’s depressing AF. We want to change that.

A MIXTAPE FOR MARTIAN COLONISTS We’re putting together a mixtape that colonists can take with them when they go to Mars. It’s going to be a long, isolated journey, so we might as well entertain them. The album will be made of songs from musicians that perform at Look Up Fest: Mars and will be available for sale at the event.

DEAR NASA AND SPACEX The mixtape for astronauts will be mailed to SpaceX, NASA, and other entities proposing Martian travel, along with a message of goodwill:

Dear Astro-travelers,

Hey there. We like what you’re doing. We think it’s cool. We just want to make sure Martian colonies and other future terraformed human existences are full of art, inspiration, and retain goodwill toward all lifeforms. We’re sending you this mixtape to play when you’re bored, and to share with other cosmic beings you may meet. Let’s keep space safe.

Always looking up,

— Seattle-based weirdos

RAFFLE TO RAISE FUNDS FOR BEACON FOOD FOREST Before we terraform Mars, there's a lot we can do to improve living ecosystems on Earth. For this event, our raffle will be raising funds for the Beacon Food Forest (BFF). The BFF is a unique open harvest model, a community-supported urban garden that’s completely open to the public to forage. Their mission: "To improve public health by regenerating our public land into an edible forest ecosystem. We work to reduce agricultural climate impact, improve our local food security, provide educational opportunities, and celebrate growing food for the benefit of all species.”

MORE INFORMATION For more event information about Look Up Records, band bios, Spotify event playlist, and volunteer/partner submission forms, please contact us below or visit look-up-records.com/mars

VOLUNTEER FOR MARS Look Up Fest is a 100% artist-run, community-driven event. We need your help to make this happen! Any other ideas, collabs, partnerships, sponsors, or art submissions are welcome to use the submit form located here: https://www.look-up-records.com/mars

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